THESE MEN WORE GREY - Volume V White County, Georgia

THESE MEN WORE GREY - Volume V White County, Georgia
THESE MEN WORE GREY - Volume V White County, Georgia THESE MEN WORE GREY - Volume V White County, Georgia
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A work representing 7 years of research, this book consists of all identifiable Confederate graves in White County, Ga. along with their wives’ graves. Also included with these records, where obtainable, is a genealogical profile of each soldier and in this profile the soldier’s dates of birth and death, his wife’s maiden name and date and place of their marriage; his parent’s names and in some cases his mother’s maiden name with date and place of their marriage; his siblings, and where possible, his children’s names. Military records include company, regiment, branch of service, and the county from which he served. Many have complete service records, and if he drew a Confederate pension from the State of Ga. and if his wife filed for a widow’s pension. All the preceding is individually referenced, including title, volume, and page number of the source from which they were taken. The burial records are completely indexed.

Appendix I contains the Militia Re-enactment Enrollment resulting from the act of Dec. 14, 1863 by Gov. Joseph Brown of Ga. These militia records include age, occupation, place of birth and district in which they were enrolled. All the lists in these sections are arranged alphabetically.

Appendix II contains the complete Salt Lists of 1862, 1863 and 1864 of White County, Ga. These lists include Wives, Widows, and Families of Soldiers eligible for salt rations.

Appendix III contains the Rosters of the Soldiers from the White County area. These include: Co. K, 24th Ga., Co. C, K, & I of the 65th Ga. Regt.: Co. D, H, E, and I of the 11th Ga. Cavalry: Co. A & B of the 52nd Ga. Regt.: Co. E, 16th Ga. Regt.: Co. G, 12th Ga. Militia Cavalry Unit: Logan’s Company of White Co. Old Men’s Home Guard Cavalry Unit.

Appendix IV contains Pensions received due to “loss of limbs” in 1884.

Appendix V contains a Potential List of men the right age but not identified as soldiers.

Appendix VI contains the Bibliography


The War letters of Leander Crumley. This all new section consists of 66 pages containing some 50 letters and a complete index of over 200 names of people of White County. This addition contains a great insite into the thinkings of the men at war and their families at home.

Highlights of “These Men Wore Grey”

Volume V

White County, Georgia

*Book is Softbound, 225 pages, printed on 24 lb., 8 ½ x 11 paper

* Lists 792 known burial sites of Confederate Soldiers and their wives. Completely INDEXED.

*Lists 1,800 Confederate soldiers in Muster Rolls in the White Co., Ga. area.

* Lists the complete Salt Records of White Co. of 1862, 1863 and 1864. 1,500 names.

*Lists 252 Militia Enrollment records of White Co. 1863.

*Now Contains wartime letters to and from Leander Crumley.

*All Lists are Alphabetically arranged for easy searching

*All work completely referenced with Bibliography included.

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