This county consists of TWO books, Volume I contains the cemetery directory with the identifications of service, marriage, pension, wife's grave, and genealogical information with embedded references   Volume II contains the Military records such as Muster rolls, Militia lists, Salt records, Pensions, pictures, special collections, letters home, Index and bibliography.  You receive both volumes for this county for the price of $50 which includes shipping.





A work representing 13 years of research, this book consists of all identifiable Confederate graves in Hart County, Ga. along with their wives’ graves.  Also included with these records, where obtainable, is a Genealogical Profile of each soldier and in this profile the soldier’s dates of birth and death, his wife’s maiden name and date and place of their marriage; his parent’s names and in some cases his mother’s maiden name with date and place of their marriage; his siblings, and where possible, his children’s names. Military Records include company, regiment, branch of service, and the county from which he served.  Many have complete service records, and if he drew a Confederate Pension from the State of Ga. and if his wife filed for a Widow’s Pension. All the preceding is individually referenced, including title, volume, and page number of the source from which they were taken.  The burial records are completely indexed. All other lists are done alphabetically for easy searching.  This book contains 64 Church and Family Cemeteries, along with Miscellaneous identifications of men that have unknown burials but served out of this county.   There are three other sections containing information on the men who died in service that had no marked graves that their service and their wives are identified through the 1863/1864 Salt List.  The second of these is the Hart County men who were in service but had no marked graves that was taken from the 1863/1864 Salt List and also identifies their wives:  the third section of this nature includes additional Hart Co. soldiers with unmarked graves that were identified from “Pioneers of Hart Co., Ga.”, by Travis Parker.

Appendix I : Contains the  Hart County Militia Re-enactment Enrollment resulting from the act of Dec. 14, 1863 by Gov. Joseph Brown of Ga.  These militia records include age, occupation, place of birth and district in which they were enrolled.  All the lists in these sections are arranged alphabetically.

Appendix II: Contains the complete Salt Lists of 1863 and 1864 of Hart County, Ga. These lists include Wives, Widows, and Families of Soldiers eligible for salt rations.

Appendix III : Contains the Rosters and Muster Rolls of the Soldiers from the Hart  County area.:  Co. F, 38th Ga. Regt., Inf.:  Co A, 9th Ga. Battn., Inf.:  Co. C, 5th Ga. Militia:  Co. E, 4th Ga. Reserves:  Co. C, 16th Ga. Regt., Inf.:  Co. H, 15, Ga. Regt. Inf.:  Co. B, 24th, Ga. Regt., Inf.


Appendix III: Contains the list of the Muster Roll of Co. C, 7th Ga. Cavalry

Appendix IV: Contains the Muster Roll of Fannin’s Co. D, 1st Ga. Reserves

Appendix VI: Contain the Hart County Pensions of Veterans and Widows

Appendix VII: Contains The  1907 Hart Co., Ga. Pensioners

Appendix VII: Contains the Hart Co., Ga. Pension Census of 1921

Appendix IX: Contains the Soldiers with Lost Limbs Pensions of 1883 and a List of Ga. Pensioners on the U.S. Rolls of Jan. 1, 1883

Appendix  X: Contains the listing in two Original Ledgers in the Courthouse called Corn Ledgers, containing the names of dependents of soldiers at war drawing corn rations for payment

Appendix XI: Contains an account of “The Battle of Franklin, Tenn., by Byron Bowers

Appendix XII: Contains a section of “Letters Written Home”, by S.L. and C.W.G. Roe and Lt. Dickson L. Baker

Appendix XIII: Contains Historical Articles:  of Co. B, 24th Ga. Regt., Inf, written in 1878:  An account of Lt. Dickson L.  Baker:  and accounts of William Jefferson Brown of the 38th Ga., Thornton Line Volunteers.

Appendix XIV: Contains 25 pictures of Confederate Soldiers and some of their descendants

Appendix XV: Contains the Potential List of all men that had marked graves that were born between 1800 and 1850 that service could NOT be identified for

Appendix XVI: Contains the Bibliography used for the research of this book

Appendix XVII: Contains the Full Name Index of the Burials of the Soldiers in the Cemetery Section.


Any Revolutionary Soldiers or War of 1812 Soldiers found in this county in marked graves are also recorded in this book.

Note:  All other sections are done in running alphabetical order for ease in searching.

*Book is Softbound, 572 pages, printed on 24 lb., 8 ½ x 11  paper

*Lists 1,600  burial sites of Confederate Soldiers and their wives. Completely INDEXED.

*Lists 1,000 Confederate soldiers in Muster Rolls in the HART Co., Ga. area.

*Lists the complete Salt Records of HART Co. of 1862, 1863 and 1864.  Over 500

*Lists 325 Militia Enrollment records of HART Co. 1863.

*Lists 560 Pension applications applied for of Veterans and widows.

*All Lists are alphabetically arranged for easy searching

*All work completely referenced with Bibliography included.

*The author, Karen T. Ledford, was reared in Franklin Co., Ga., is a member of Toccoa, Georgia Chapter #1294, United Daughters of the Confederacy and, in addition to her original membership certificate, holds fifty certified supplemental certificates.  She is also the recipient of both the United Daughters of the Confederacy’s Jefferson Davis Historical Medal for her work in the interment records of Confederate Soldiers of Georgia and the Winnie Davis Medal for her work “above and beyond the call of duty.”  In addition, she is a member of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution.   She was also chosen in 2008 as “One of the Fifty Most Outstanding Women of Franklin Co., Ga.” in the Literature and History Category.  Out of these fifty women only three of these were in the Literature and History Category.

* This book makes available to the researcher not only proof of military service in the Confederate forces but allows the researcher to make new discoveries in their own family genealogy and also includes material they would otherwise have to travel to numerous locations to find.  Due to the author’s perseverance, this information has now been compiled into a one-of-a-kind research book.  Additional volumes in the series are planned.  These volumes will include: Elbert, and Madison Counties.  Volumes currently available now are:   Franklin, Habersham, Stephens, Rabun, White, Banks Jackson and Hart Counties.


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