My printer I have been using for 15 years has gone out of business and until I find someone else to print the books, I am currently out of Franklin Co. Volume.  I do have volumes of all the other counties.  I promise I am working on finding another printer so I can move on and recoup my inventory.  I hope to begin to get down to work on the Elbert Co. Volume this Fall when the weather cools.  Thanks for your understanding and I will be posting when I do get a resupply of the Franklin Co. Volume.








A work representing 7 years of research, this book consists of all identifiable Confederate graves in Franklin Co., Ga. along with their wives graves. Also included with these records, where obtainable, is a genealogical profile of each soldier and in this profile the soldier's dates of birth and death, his wife's maiden name and date and place of their marriage; his parents names and in some cases his mother's maiden name with date and place of their marriage; his siblings, and where possible, his children's names. Military records include company, regiment, branch of service, and the county from which he served. Many have complete service records, and if he drew a Confederate pension from the State of Ga. and if his wife filed for a widow's pension. All the preceding is individually referenced, including title, volume, and page number of the source from which they were taken. The burial records are completely indexed.

Other information contained in Appendix I is a complete Salt List of 1863 and 1864 of Franklin Co.; Appendix II is a complete listing of the Militia Re-enactment Enrollment resulting from the act of Dec. 14, 1863 by Gov. Joseph Brown of Ga. These militia records include age, occupation, place of birth and district in which they were enrolled. All the lists in these sections are arranged alphabetically.

Appendix III contains the information found in an Original Ledger of Franklin Co. Confederate Soldiers. This ledger was found in the courthouse and was done in the 1890's by the veterans themselves. This ledger, which has never been published, contains the names of 1,215 men that served from Franklin Co., along with their unit and rank that served in Franklin Co. Units included in this listing is as follows: Co. B, Galt's 1st GA State Line; Co. E, 1st GA State Militia; Co. K, 4th GA State Militia; Co. D, 11th GA Cav.; Co. B, 15th GA Inf.; Co. H, 24th GA Inf.; Co. B, 29th GA Inf.; Co. G & I, 34th GA Inf.; Co. F, 37th GA Inf.; Co. K, 52nd GA Inf.

Appendix IV contains other miscellaneous records which consist of Southern Cross Recipients; 1886 pensioners, and a list of all the men in the county that were not identifiable as Confederate Soldiers with sources available to me.

****THERE HAS BEEN AN ADDENDUM ADDED TO THIS BOOK:  This includes additions, corrections and a list of the men that took the oath of allegience, which gives their physical appearance.


Highlights of "These Men Wore Grey"

Volume I

Franklin County, Georgia

*Book is Softbound, 238 pages, printed on 24 lb., 8 ½ x 11 paper

* Lists 1,062 known burial sites of Confederate Soldiers and their wives. Completely Indexed.

*Lists 1,215 Confederate soldiers identified as having service in Franklin Co., Ga.

* Lists the complete SALT RECORDS of Franklin Co. of 1863 and 1864. Over 1,000 names.

*Lists 393 MILITIA ENROLLMENT records

*All Lists are ALPHABETICALLY arranged for easy searching

*All work completely REFERENCED with Bibliography included.

*The author, Karen T. Ledford, was reared in Franklin Co., Ga., is a member of Toccoa, Georgia Chapter #1294, United Daughters of the Confederacy and, in addition to her original membership certificate, holds fifty certified supplemental certificates. She is also the recipient of both the UDC's Jefferson Davis Historical Medal for her work in the interment records of Confederate Soldiers of Georgia and the Winnie Davis Medal for her work "above and beyond the call of duty." In addition, she is a member of the Toccoa Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

*This book makes available to the researcher not only proof of military service in the Confederate forces but allows the researcher to make new discoveries in their own family genealogy and makes available material they would otherwise have to travel to numerous locations to find. Due to the author's perseverance, this information has now been compiled into a one-of-a-kind research book. Additional volumes in the series are planned. These volumes will include: Madison and Elbert Counties Georgia. Volumes currently available include Habersham, Rabun, Stephens, White, Banks, Jackson and Hart Counties.




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